MAMA Awards 2012 in Hongkong

South Korea's Biggest Music awards, MNET Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2012, Recently Last Friday (30/11) night Held in Hong Kong. 

YG Entertainment YG Family wiped out ~ Almost All of the Well-Known categories, 9 pm to Take home the Trophy.  

BIGBANG, PSY, Epic High, Dan G Dragon Royal Several awards home. BigBang into Three categories, namely this year's artist, best male group and the Guardian Angel of the World's best Actor Winner.

Psychiatric Eliminated Their Classic Songs, southern-style four Trophy Winners. The category of the year, the best Dance Songs Won Psychiatric solo, the best international artists and Popular Music videos.  

Next, the Leader of BIGBANG, G Dragon, Also Known as the best male solo artist or a male solo artist. G Dragon Defeated Opponent, K.Will, JYP, Zhang Xuan and Psy. After Two YG Family Singers.  

Also made ​​a series of epic YG High Trophy, best rap Performance category. ♥  Song Award-winning title. "" High epic successfully Defeated Opponents, the Dynamic Duo, Leessang, Might Mouth and oral jint. 

Unfortunately, there is no category of Girl group 2NE1 MAMA awards Won in 2012, YG Entertainment girlband subject. From Indonesia, the beautiful Singer and actress, Agnes Monica, TOO Overcome to Take home awards for best Asian artist in Indonesia.

Here comes the 2012 MAMA winners:

Boy Band best  ⇒  BIGBAN G - Fantastic  Baby
Girl group best  ⇒  SISTAR - Alone
Best female Singer  ⇒  IU - You and I
Best Newcomer (female) ⇒ AILEE - Heaven
Best male Singer  ⇒  G-Dragon - Crayon
Girl group the World's best  ⇒  KARA - Pandor a
Best Newcomer (Male)  ⇒  Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Ending
The World's best Men's Combination  ⇒  SUPER JUNIOR - Sexy, Free and Single
Best MV  ⇒  PSY - Gangnam Style
Award for Best Rap  ⇒  EPIK HIGH - UP
Award best partnership  ⇒  TROUBLE MAKER - Trouble Maker
Best Ensemble Performance  ⇒  Busker Busker -  Cherry Blossom Ending
Personal best Dance  ⇒  PSY -   Gangnam Style
Best OST  ⇒ SEO IN GUK  & JI EUN JEONG - All For You
Album of the Year  ⇒  S UPER JUNIOR  - Sexy, Free & Single
Combination of best Male Dance  ⇒  SHINee - Sherlock
Combination of best Female Dance  ⇒  f (x) - Electric Shock
World's Best Performance Award  ⇒  Big Bang -  Fantastic  Baby
Personal best singing Performances  ⇒  K.Will - I Need You
Combination of the best singing Performances  ⇒  Davichi - Will Think of Yo u
Asian newcomer Groups  ⇒  EXO - Mama
Asian couple  ⇒  Nattew, Timez
Song best  ⇒  ─ PSY Gangnam Style
Best Asian Artist  ⇒  Lee Hom
Best Chinese Singer  ⇒  Li
Entertainer of the year  ⇒  Big Bang - Monster
Mnet  Producer Special Award  ⇒  BAP
Best Asian Artist Indonesia  ⇒ A gnes Monica
Fashion Music Awards  ⇒  Beauty Full
Ball favorite Singer Award  ⇒  PSY
Global Network Award  ⇒  Super Junior
Hong Kong's MOST Popular artists  ⇒  Joey

BIGBANG's great to be a Winner TOO ~ haha 

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