Happy New Year

Holidays have arrived, and tomorrow morning to help cook at home Happy New Year friends.  Haha :)
There are a lot of red envelopes !!!, 야아 야아 야아 have a lot of needs, which are:

Meets with Park Jung Min (Park Jung Min) 

finish my school

Paris trip

Nanyang University entrance exam


collect Park Jung Min  's photo

Romeo (Park Jung Min / Park Jung Min)
Oh so cool, especially her hair  .

Beautiful smile. If you are my brother xD.
I will definitely continue to be near you  , but this is impossible, right?
But I hope someday to meet you 


  1. Hello Happy chinese new year ...

    Wish you a prosperous new year and nice blog

    do free to drop by my blog and comments on both my tagbox n commentpost.


  2. hey sis

    I wanna an exchange button exactly like yours bling bling and the words are 정희 chanel jung hee... thanks done let me know



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