Taiwan Natural Photograph

Oh! Haiyoo..Everyone!!

In August Yesterday, I just got back from Taiwan. 
 It feels good that there truly stunning natural scenery to cast a heart. 
 The experience that I never forget It is interesting for all Photography is the beauty of the mountains. 
 I feel very very cool and comfortable to be there, Well even though there is only 7 days. 
Really feels like in heaven. Birds chirp in the countryside which makes me not want to go home from there. Eating a typical Taiwanese food, Wow! It's Look Amazing ~~ 
 Plants-Plants are beautiful and the air is fresh. Moreover, Hualien, TOP and I feel FANTASTIC. 

 Was really unimaginable to me I just wanted to FLY TO THE SKY !!!!! 
 The sea is filled with peace and light blazing sun that burns the whole body. Blue color of the sky is very beautiful to make people fall in love with them Hihihihi ~~~ ^^ 
 Some Photos I took from there, Come See the natural beauty they :)

See their photos above?
Well although I have not been a good photograph But the see-saw nature is so wonderful they ^^ 
 Okay! Today's post until here before ^^ 
 Hhehehe .. ^^ Bye - bye !!

 XOXO Erika Seol

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