Line Event Win Price

안녕하세요 !!! Today I will make some post about my line event 
Yeah!! I win it but I'm not win a cellphones, only tea and noodle

Let's I tell you what i doing everyday when this event arrived in my chat box.
I know the message will arrived at 12.10 pm or 12.30 pm. 
So i waited this message from 12.00 pm until 13.00 pm, I waited, chat with my friends.
BUT WHEN!!!! the message has arrived, i directly response to send back they message, I write "LINE"
But you know they said, "Thank you for your participation, but sorry you're lost in this event. Please try again tomorrow." 
Ah! I mad, and schok.  Why can be a winner, because when they send message, i directly send back. It only 1s to send for they. But doesn't win 
HAHAHA....  Then I try try try and try again.
And the last. when Line send message for today event I try to write LINE and send they message,
But my connection is very bad. Oh, I think i can't get this lah... 

So I put my phone in my table and i go to bathroom.
When i'm back, OMG!! I was suprised with this message.
They said "Wow, Congratulation! You're lucky and get free Coupon "Alfamart - Popmie(RAMEN) & Ichi Ocha Tea" 
I'm Shock and happy for this, yes!! Only win that but no problem lah.. hahaha~ 

 Below This my message for Line 

And This I win it 

This Price i redeem a coupon in alfamart to get 1 bottle tea and 1 cup noodle/popmie

Ichi Ocha Tea  

Pop Mie (RAMEN)

Srutttt... Delicious, Because I like to eat Noodle 

My Post End Here !!


  1. Gratz Erika :D
    Tahniah ^___^

    oh that ocha looks tasty :D

    ommo I really love IndoMie brand :D
    Mi Goreng IndoMie Jjangg!! <3 The best :D

    1. Hahaha~~ Ocha is so delicious, because i like to drink tea.

      You like Too..?Mi Goreng Indomie, is my favorite food :P
      hahaa :D

    2. same here, I love tea especially the smell :D relaxing <3

      Yups :D its my favourite all the time XDD ahaha..
      I'm glad that IndoMie was sold in Malaysia :)
      the taste is differ XD

      I prefer mi goreng type for instant noodle :D

    3. Hahahaa~~~

      Yeah!! And already eat Samyang from Korea, is a very hot noodle in Korea

  2. Wow great blog!
    Im following you now!
    thank you for your comment.
    Anyway, I tried that noodle, which is "Rasa bakso" i think.

    1. Thank you for following
      'Rasa bakso' in Indonesia is like meat taste hahaha ^^

  3. Congratulations! The green tea looks so yummy! ^^
    Would you like to follow each other? :')

    1. Thank you ^^ Sure, I already follow you :D
      Now you turn~ :D

  4. I followed you now

  5. I hope you can follow me back like your promise

    1. Thank you :) I already followed you back :D
      Keep in touch ya~~

  6. Nice blog, I'm following you, hope we can stay in touch ^^

  7. Those noodles look so good! :) :)

  8. Follow you back ^__^ keep up the kawaii posts! :')

  9. Great Post! Follow each other on GFC? If yes, follow me and I follow back as soon as i see it. Let me know with a comment on my blog!

    Keep in touch! ❤❤❤
    Algo pasa con Mary

    1. Thank you stopping at my blog dear :) Done Follow back on blog also G+ :)

  10. I looove korea!!! and kpop as well *.* BTS, EXO, Teen Top etc.. ah love them all :D and dramas as well *.*
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC and Insta? :) Just let me know :)

    1. Haha.. Same but i most like SS501 and Bigbang ^^

      Oke I follow you on blog ^^ Thank you :D

  11. Cute blog! Wanna follow each other, maybe inspire each other? Please let me know! Have a great weekend :)

  12. Congratulations..that look good!


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