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Back with my last posting about Taiwan, Last posting i say about photography Now In a Taipei 101, With ma crazy Brother jumping jumping xD , Jumping to take a photo, But That's no compact I jump first then my brother, when my brother jump first i forget to jump. hahaha ^^~~ Then we say 1,2,3 for jump. and this we can, but not nice U.U But no problem lah, XP. I enjoy it

Last Photo take at museum Ciang Kai Sek at Taipei, He is a goverment of Taiwan, I don't know about him but our guide say that, so i tell at here. haha.. True or Wrong Sorry!! Below My OOTD is From :)

[Shine Bright Like A Diamond] Tee From Demodacopia // Hat From Royal Avenue
My Post Today Finish Here!
Bye3x~~ Have a Nice Day all :3 

 XOXO, Erika


  1. wohoa travel in Taiwan.. cool!! XDD

    beautiful photo btw :D owh owh and I really like that shirt and that hat of course XDD :D

    your bro and you looks so cute lah :)

  2. wow..u are so cute erika seol, happy to see yr photo in taiwan =)

    member #83

    1. Aw!! Thank you so much, haha.. You cute too :D


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