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Hello Today I want to show you about my New posting, Yeah! Paroparoshop, who doesn't know about this online shopping? The biggest one online shop in Indonesia. ^^ They sell a lot of kind cases for any type phone case start Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo. So many cute design you would be found here, they sell the cases start From IDR 5.000 is about $0.36! What IDR 5.000? How? I don't know haha..
But, You can see the full profile about Paroparoshop below:


Paroparoshop was founded on November 2012 by two young Indonesian who are both fashion lovers. The name Paroparo itself stands for Passionate Royaltes which means you as our customers are the royal members who are passionate about fashion.


Paroparo knows that it is very crucial for you who are fashionable to dress up your smartphone in order to look awesome. That is why our products are trendy, elegant, and high quality. Not only that, we always give SPECIAL DISCOUNTS for our loyal Paroparo members. Make sure that you are always updated with informations about highly fashionable accessories from Paroparo via the social media! Check out our blog, instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to find out more about Paroparo and fashion!!

Ha! You see! You see! Hihihi. Who are fashionable, so you must go to these websites. But I don't know they can shipping worldwide or not 
Yes! I will take you around in these websites.  

Blink/Diamond/Swarvoski cases design

1. Chiara Ferragni' Metalic design Premium Hardcase [IDR 65.000] / [$ 4.65 Click Here
2. Full Diamond Premium Softcase [IDR 45.000] / [$ 3.22 Click Here
3. Channel Sparks Premium Softcase [IDR 65.000] / [$ 4.65 Click Here

Cute cases design

1. Brown Big Body Premium Softcase [IDR 45.000] / [$ 3.22 Click Here
2. Baymax Full Body Premium Softcase [IDR 55.000] / [$ 3.93 Click Here
3. M&M Premium Softcase [IDR 120.000] / [$8.58 Click Here

Fashionable cases design

1. Moschino Barbie Mirror Premium Softcase [IDR 110.000] / [$ 7.86 Click Here
2. Victoria Secret's Premium Softcase [IDR 95.000] / [$ 6.79 Click Here
3. Channel Parfum Premium Softcase [IDR 125.000] / [$8.93 Click Here


Which one is your favorite cases? The Diamonds ones? The Cute ones? Or The Fashionable? Haha. I want to hear you suggestion, Where's your choice? Ah! I think so difficult right? All is so cute and want to bought all (LOL).

Kindly to check here website below :
Facebook : Click Here
Instagram : Click Here
Twitter : Click Here
Website : Click Here

ParoparoShop Online Shopping
The best service for you, Fast Respon and also have a Good Quality High Class Cases

Ok! That's end of my posting! Hope you enjoy my new posting today and see you soon in my next post 


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