Beauty Tips : Water For Your Health and Skin

Hello, everyone! This time I want to give beauty tips using mineral water, well! Mineral water. Everyone must know the importance of water for living creatures and plant life on this earth. Without water, you all will die of thirst. Maybe you all already know, or no one yet knows the importance of water for humans like us? According to experts or researchers, in a day we should drink 8 glasses of water, equivalent to 2 liters of water a day. So that the fluid in our body is not lost that ultimately makes a person affected by kidney disease and interfere with your concentration. In addition, there are also benefits of water for beauty and health of all people, come on! We'll see what the hell beauty benefits of water for us all? 


1. Help you have an ideal body weight
Drinking water in good quantities in order to prevent the storage of fat, as well as to help maintain your health. So to get the ideal body weight is one of the advantages of drinking water to taste. Yeah! Slim Agency ideal body who does not want to?

2. Digestive System will be Normal
Oops! For those of you who used to have a constipation problem then it should be the one to drink plenty of water to keep your digestive system process, so back too normal.

3. Avoiding less body fluid
Well! Ya that, often we experience in everyday life. When you're being sport, running, or sweat a lot when you are outside. Then, your body will dehydrate. Therefore, drinking water was to help prevent dehydrate on the body due to lacks water. However, preferably water that is at room temperature. Not too cold and hot, order activity may be normal lungs. A cold drinks when fatigue can make lung "take in water.



4. Water can be expensive anti-aging treatment for you. The water can dehydrate your skin, thus increasing glowing skin and your face. Wow!

5. Drinking plenty of water can avoid skin disorders like wrinkles, eczema, and psoriasis. By this, it can increase the metabolic process and remove toxins from the body. So as to give your skin healthy and glowing.

6. Water also can help delay the signs of the appearance of fine lines, so for who wants to have the skin soft and supple, drink enough water.

7. Now! Unbeknownst to water can also reduce eye puffiness tablets. For women who are upset with panda eyes under eye circles, you can use with cold water compresses. When the cold water that evaporates from the skin, the skin will feel cold, and also by means of cold water splashed in the eye. Because, there are many eye gel that is rich in water that can be used for long-term solutions. WOW! Let's try this one.

8. In addition to cold water vapor can eliminate panda eyes solution, now steaming hot water can also be tablets refresh and tighten your skin. By way of immersing towels in hot water vapor, and then put on your face. Later splash cold water on your face for about 15-16 times.

How? Easy Right? Hehe. It turns out there are many benefit that exist in the water, come to try all of them, not blame if attempted. Know where you appear more youthful, and beautiful sparkling. Bye! Face Dull, Welcome! Bright faces.

NB: Drinking too much water is not good for health, which could trigger a larger adrenalin and rapid heart pumping process. So the risk to health. In addition, the water should not be equated with coffee, tea, alcohol and soda as a substitute body fluids. Because, it can worsen the water balance in the body ^^ 

Okay! A few of my new posting today, may be useful for all of you. Bye!!


  1. Fantastic information, mineral water is so good for you :)) xx

  2. I always think I shou8ld drink more water XD

  3. thanks for sharing! Water really have many benefits :D I'll drink more water :D
    By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog, I'm your new followers <3 please follow mine too

  4. thanks for sharing! Water really have many benefits :D I'll drink more water :D
    By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog, I'm your new followers <3 please follow mine too

  5. Hi, nice and useful post :) Water is life :)) I follow your blog? would you like to follow my blog ;) Take a look specially if you like kpop and kdrama :D


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