Review : Klenspop Clear Color CL 008 Brown

[SPONSORED] Hi Buddies! I'm back again with Circle Lens Review. But first I want to say sorry to late review, it's almost one week after I received the package. Because, I have a bad Connection + Homework. This is kindly sponsored by Klenspop. The lenses they sent to me is call "Clear Color CL 008 Brown".   You can purchase this lens from Klenspop only $18.00. [CLICK HERE]. 

Yah, they also have a new logo design  So cute!


Wonderful packaging with a bubble wrap, so you don't worry the lenses was broke when come to your home  

Behind box of Lens, You also will find guide how to use lens 

In the box you will see 1 pair of Lens, cases and also lens clamp 

Bottle Design is Super Natural and Elegant. For how to open a bottle cap, should first check google. This will help you open the bottle cap. For those who are accustomed to using the lens is familiar unscrew the bottle, but for beginners are required to check out, or the bottle cap above will be damaged making it difficult to open 

At the top will show the power of your eyes, I chose the right and left eye power of +0.00. Why? Due to my eyes was normal. So, I choose +0.00 Xixixi !!! (LOL) 

Ups! I do not really able to photograph the lens inside the bottle  

Differ Color on a little flash light / light Room. With Flash Light, Colors look more dark brown and cool. While in the Light Room, the color will be visible more natural brown and your eyes will look softly. 
Color display is soft and natural  

"Clear Color CL 008 Brown" 

Brand: Mi Gwang
Diameter: 14.0 mm 
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Life Span: 6 month
Graphic Diameter: 13.1 mm
Price: $18.00
Color : Brown

"Design is very nice and looks very natural for guys who do not like the color of the lens is too visible and too sharp. Suitable for use when schools and hangouts. The color brown is extremely entered into my eyes, * such as not wearing lenses * because I have brown eyes. "5/5 for this color.


"Packaging is always best and safely"


"For the comfort is very heavily secured because, the lens is very lightweight. It's highly recommended for all who love wearing the lenses."


"Recommended to go shopping here. Lens color very natural and fits in well worn throughout each day. Price is also cheap in Klenspop. And you should see the other colors."


"For Delivery I felt it was very quickly unlike yesterday." 




*Little sunshine effect and flash from camera 


Ending, Thank you so much for Klenspop, for this pair of lenses.
So! guys, Kindly to check this website


  1. Great review, the lenses look so natural and pretty on you :)

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  23. These contacts look more natural than some other ones I have seen lately. They look very beautiful on you. :) Thank you for visiting my blog. I am following you on gfc # 286, bloglovin and g+. Please follow me back as mentioned on my blog. Thank you.

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