Review : Klenspop Cara Gray Color

Yeay! Mid Test is done~ and have been a free time to post something in my blog!
I'm back with my new post, with klenspop again~ yah! Klenspop send to me a new pair of lenses to try, the lenses they send to me is "CARA GRAY COLOR" [SPONSORSHIP]

Packaging is always the best~ Wonderful and Tidy

You can find How to Use the lenses are in the back of the box

Inside the box you can see a pair of lenses, lens clamp, and lens case.

Lens information in the bottle

Yah! +0.00 Power of my lens, is always the best for my eyes.

I felt it was better to take a picture of the lens that is in the bottle, but still less than perfect 

how to open a bottle lenses, I always recommended to being careful when you open it, or you may search in google to avoid mistakes to open and making you become difficult to open the bottle. 

Yeah! The bottle is open and the lenses is out from bottle. You can see the lenses color, very wonderful 

The Color when you go to outdoor, will be more gray. And, if you into darkroom/indoor with flashlight will be more blackish 

Brand: M.I Contact
Diameter: 14.0 mm 
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Life Span: 6 month
Graphic Diameter: 13.3 mm
Price: $15.00
Color : Gray

Wonderful design of the gray lenses with a little blackish color in edge. Make your eyes more colorful when you use it.

I'm always give 5/5 for packaging.

"For the comfort is very secured because, the lens is very lightweight and you will think you don't use any lenses in your eyes. It's highly recommended for all who love wearing the lenses."

"Recommended to go shopping here. Lens color very natural and fits in well worn throughout each day. Price is also cheap in Klenspop. And you should see the other colors." 

5/5 for shipping rate 

NB : The weather was cloudy so I had to use a little flash when take a selfie 

Look Natural Blackish 

Check Them Out : Click Here
Thank you so much Klenspop, for sponsoring me these lenses.
So! guys, Kindly to check this website


  1. They look amazing :)

  2. It looks really nice:)

  3. they make ur eyes bigger and pretty, u look so cute ^^

    Tori Chu

  4. The seem so cool and look lovely on you!!

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    Nice color.

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  8. They look amazing!!!


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