Dress PH Pink Lace Floral Dress

Free-spirited And Feminine Is What This Pink Lace Floral Dress Is All About!

This DRESS is perfect for women who want to look chic yet artsy at the same time. I especially love how the dress drapes at the back which adds a dash of sophistication to an otherwise simple cocktail dress. It can be worn on cocktail parties, weddings, or even a prom night!

Pink Lace Floral Short Dress Pink Lace Floral Short Dress Pink Lace Floral Short Dress

Floral embellishments all over the waist and bottom of the dress with the lace panelling on the top half of the dress creates a beautiful finish to the dress. The fabric is made of chiffon which makes the dress very breezy and light Ñ perfect for dancing and partying the night long. This dress is currently available in the color Pink and in the sizes S, M, L, XL.

I am not only attracted with how stunning this number is but also with how low itÕs currently priced at! Imagine only paying PHP1017 (80% Off) for an originally PHP5035 dress! I can definitely save as much as PHP4019! I do not only get the memory of being able to smile away in cameras wearing this beautiful dress, I also get to smile wide with how I did not burn my pocket to pay for it!
Placing an order is also as breezy as this dress looks. Payments are easily made through PayPal, which is guaranteed to be 100% safe! Shipments can be delivered in a jiffy within just a matter of 3-5 days through Express Shipping. The beauty of this dress does not stop here! Additional discounts are actually offered when subscribed to the website

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Get the perfect look for less now without the hassle of sifting through endless racks of clothes!



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  3. That dress is gorgeous! I love how feminine and floaty it is, especially the flower details.
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  8. This is a really dress. I agree with you, I love how it drapes in the back and the laceup style as well.
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