Chinese New Year : Wishlist with Banggood

Hello, My colleges have started, and it's time I return to school, it does not feel holiday has ended. Similarly, with the Chinese New Year will soon arrive and I had to buy some clothes and shoes to wear during the Lunar New Year. Well, here I am very interested in a website that is Banggood. And I was sure to pick some wish list and I have set it all is clothes and shoes that I want to wear.

Number 1   ||   Number 2   ||   Number 3   ||   Number 4   ||   Number 5   ||   Number 6

I already make some wishlist as seen above, and how I combine my outfit or as well as all of you who want to have one of the clothes and shoes as above. I will give a little vision Outfit that I have been planned in one Outfits (OOTD) ^^ and I also give a name to every outfit that I created. Make sure you to visit #Banggood website to get some amazing things with cheap price. So, Let's we Start now!

Kimmy Japan Style is the name I gave itself to essentially Outfits like Japanese fashion / Kawaii. Here I combine with flat shoes high and combined with the use of black socks which approximately has a length above the knee, and the combination of a white shirt with a cardigan outerwear such as kimono, along with a short jeans make this combination becomes more attractive. As well, some additional accessories to enhance your makeup.

Girly Style this one, it is suitable for you women who want to appear more wow! When, set foot on the road that has many people who are watching you. Yes! With Tops Shirt, it's up to you should wear tops any color, but here I will put the Crop Tee yellow color with a pair of high waist jeans makes your legs will look longer / higher, as well as the use of boots high heel roughly height 15cm, or at least 7-10cm. And certainly some of the accessories that are suitable for you.

School Girl Style is a style that is perfect for you all, it's suitable if you are dressed to college. With a theme of course is unbelievably simple. That's, by wearing a T-shirt (crop tee, t-shirts simple colored, tank top), then wear a jumpsuit jeans to cover up the shirt that you think simple is to make it look nicer and interesting. As well, good shoes for extra while using clothes as it is running shoes or sneakers, or you can use the boots. But, do not use flatshoes open in the legs, with the intent of used shoes should cover your entire foot, so that looks good. And do not forget, add the accessories you want.

Ok! I ended up posting here, make sure you give me a comment about the outfit that I have made. I would be very happy if you give an opinion on it all and where all you like.


  1. love the kimmy Japan style, I really like this kind of style ^^

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  48. Ya ampuuun~ Aku demen banget liatin yang no 1 sama 3! No 1 itu aku emang suka warna hitam sama putih. Terus no 3 crop top berkibar gitu kan ya? Ah~ pingin~ <3333


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