Japanese Candy Unboxing from Tokyo Treat

Hello guys! Today I'm back with my new posting about Japanese Food, Ummm!! Like you see in above this Japanese snack is from Tokyo Treat, and Before I make a long long review about the snack, it's really good to tell you something about Tokyo Treat!

TOKYOTREAT is a subscription-based service that delivers the most premium Japanese snacks and candies to your door monthly. From the salty, sour to the sweet, discover limited edition Japanese treats that you won't find anywhere else! For subscription pricelist/month you can see below.

And, Now we jump in the box design! This box is too cute with orange colors and Kawaii Design in the box, make the box looks amazing and awesome. You can see the design below 

And this the packaging looks, very neat and well-organized, making the snack packaging is not damaged.  For packaging give (5/5)

Below is the book guide and will tell you about how wonderful Japan and where is the famous places you must visit in Japan, snack guide, event, and greeting from Ms. Ayumi. The book design is wonderful. 

Below is the arrangement of the snack is in the box. There are 9 snack, 1 drink, 2 candy diy, 1 figure and 1 sticker puzzle. Total is 14 items in the box. 

1. Pokemon Ramune 5 Pack (Super Yummy)
2. Tyrant Habanero Who Came Back! (Super Yummy + Hot)
3. Pokemon Monocolle 12 species Assortment (Wonderful)
4. Oekaki Kyanland Candy (Yummy + DIY Video Coming Soon)
5. Pokemon Chewing Candy (Super Yummy with Pineapple Flavor)
6. Yokai-Watch Character Soft-Serve Ice Cream (Super Yummy)
7. Chocolate Ball Peanut (Super Yummy)
8. Amazake: high Quality Sweet Sake (Oshh!! Super Tasty + Yummy)
9. Pokemon Sticker-Matching Chewing Gum (Wonderful)
10. Pokemon Wafers (Super Yummy)
11. Yokai-Watch Fortune Seal Namaste Curry (Super Super Yummy with Kari Flavor, Like It!!)
12. Fuku Fuku Tai Chocolate (Super Yummy)
13. Melt in Your Mouth, Winter Pocky (Super Yummy + Tasty in mouth)
14. Neru Neru Nerune Soda Flavor (Yummy, but sour + DIY Video Coming Soon)


OK! Let's I introduce all the candy one by one:

1. Pokemon Ramune 5 Pack : 

These Pokemon Ramune has a different various taste : pineapple, sola, soda, grape and melon. And this taste is yummy and a little bit sour. Haha..

2. Tyrant Habanero Who Came Back! : 

Goshhh!! This Snack is super tasty and has a dangerous hot when you bit them, with hanabero peppers, make you run for a glass a water.

3. Pokemon Monocolle 12 species Assortment 

This toy have a cute design with one monster and pokemon stage. I'm really like this figure.

4. Oekaki Kyanland Candy : 

From All Candy I got, I have 2 DIY Candy Kit and This is the first Candy Kit. The taste is yummy, but too sweet. In this package you can find one plat pictures to design, candy ingredients, and spatula. How to work?
- Push the white white candy into mold to create several different adorable shapes.
- Mix the ingredient paint with the spatula.
- Apply the coloring to candies.
- Eat!!
For video will upload soon.

5. Pokemon Chewing Candy : 

Pineapple! Pineapple, my favorite fruits and This Chewing Candy really great and have a nice tasty. I love to eat them all . I want it again!

6. Yokai-Watch Character Soft-Serve Ice Cream : 

Ice cream Corn with caramel. Tasty and Delicious, make me want to eat and eat again!

7. Chocolate Ball Peanut : 

Chocolate Peanut is one of my favorite foods and this chocoball is tasty at our mouth not stick in the teeth

8. Amazake: high Quality Sweet Sake : 

This sake have a great tasty and I'm very enjoy it to drink them all. With alcohol is not too much!

9. Pokemon Sticker-Matching Chewing Gum : 

This is great amazing puzzle inside this pocket and I'm really enjoyed it to play them. Also, we can find a chewing gummy.

10. Pokemon Wafers : 

Aw! Pokemon wafers have a great taste and I'm really loved the wafer with pokemon design in this plastic. 

11. Yokai-Watch Fortune Seal Namaste Curry : 

Yes! and Yes for this snack, with curry flavor made this snack have a great taste and I'm really enjoying to eat them all and all. But, Oh no! The snack has been eaten by me. Maybe I'll subscribe again to get this Namaste Curry 

12. Fuku Fuku Tai Chocolate : 

Alright! This fuku fuku thai chocolate with fish shaped inside is too cute and I'm tried my first bite, I can imagine that it was so delicious and tasty. Yum! Yum!

13. Melt in Your Mouth, Winter Pocky : 

Pocky!!!! I can't say anything about this pocky pocky. Because, I'm really loving it with so many flavor especially : green tea, and chocolate. Yumm!! All have a great tasty and melt in my mouth.

14. Neru Neru Nerune Soda Flavor : 

Aha! This is my second candy DIY the taste is good. But, so sour.. OMG!  Haha. For video DIY is coming soon. I'll tell you how it works:
- In this package you found 3 items it is (2 powders, 1 candy sachet, spoon and plat)
- Pour the first powders and don't forget to pour water.
- Pour the second powders together in first powders and Mix them together.
- Pour the candy in another plat.
- You can eat them all.

 For shipping is really fast, just need 3 weeks to arrived at my house. I will give (5/5)


Let's take a SELFIE!! 

OK! Today is my post about Japan snack, Hope you guys love to read them and don't forget to check out TokyoTreat website 

*this is a sponsored gift and 10000% my honest review


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