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こんにちは (Kon'nichiwa)! Today I'll bring to you about my new posting, and this posting will be more enjoyable and make you all hungry with them. Your saliva will out, when you see them and I believe, you will love this! And Yes! I'll review about Japanese snack to you. This Japanese snack have a lovely taste and delicious when you bite them. And I will tell you the website name to get this Japanese snack by subscriptions/month, this website call "OKASHDA". First let me introduce about www.okashda.com!

OKASHDA! derived from the word お菓子だ(おかしだ = okashida )which means ‘It’s SNACKS!’ They select each Japanese snack present in the box where it will arrive at your doorstep monthly all the way from Tokyo, Japan. The snacks are a mystery until you receive them as it will be exciting to open a box that are full of surprises! They will try them very best to include limited editions, seasonal, fun, unique and rare snacks into the box. Ultimately, OKASHDA strive to provide the best service and product to you, ensuring that you will be enthusiastic about them box each and every month which fills you with the utmost satisfaction.

 There are 2 types of boxes, PuchiBox and OkiBox. Puchi means mini while Oki means large in Japanese. Your request to send boxes as gifts are welcomed and them will pack it and send it to their doorstep, along with your customized message. Moreover, OKASHDA’s boxes would definitely be a great idea for gifts for any occasion because who doesn’t love a mystery of fun assortments of Japanese snacks?
For subscription pricelist/month you can see below 

As you can see below is my package, the packaging is very safety and neatly. And the shipping is super fast just need 3 weeks to come in my country.

Packaging :     

Shipping :     

Inside box you can see the snack guide information, and I get March Box in this review 

And Ta-Da... This is my Okibox. In this box I found 13 items snack and looks delicious, right?

Calbee Jagabee Happy Honey Butter (Super Yummy)
Specter Watch Caramel Corn (Yummy)
Calbee Chocolate Potato chips (Super Yummy)
Umaibo Chicken Curry (Super Yummy)
Puccho Strawberry Mix Chewy Candy Gum (Super Yummy)
Tohato Sakura Zumu Strawberry Pretzel (Super Yummy)
Maruchan Gotsumori Sauce Yakisoba (Yummy)
Natori Cheese Stick (Super Yummy)
Calbee Kataage Potato Black Pepper Flavor (Super Yummy)
Lotte Crunky Crunch Chocolate Bar (Super Yummy)
Meiji Cotton Gamusoda (Super Yummy)
Lotte Pokemon Gummy (Super Yummy)
Meiji Chocolate Cheese Cake Stick (Super Yummy)

Let's see below and I'll review it one by one 

1. Calbee Jagabee Happy Honey Butter : 

These Potato Stick has a wonderful tasty, when you bite them. You will get a taste salty, and sweet combined in this snack. Very recommended to eating them.

2. Specter Watch Caramel Corn : 

These Caramel Corn has a nice tasty, when you bite it you will feel the caramel and corn taste in this snacks. But, I don't like it, this caramel corn too sweet. Hahaha.. For anyone who's like sweet snack I really recommended for you guys.

3. Calbee Chocolate Potato Chips : 

Chocolate!! Opss!! This Calbee Potato Chips with Chocolate Flavor has a good taste on tongue, I really love to eat them all. Really delicious and I want it more and more. Maybe, when I go to Japan, I will buy this snack in 3 box hahaha..

4. Umaibo Chicken Curry : 

Ah! This item, I don't want to review anymore. Simple! This is really delicious with chicken curry taste, OMO!!! I can't say anything about this snack. Yes and Yes! This is very recommended item you must buy and try!

5. Puccho Strawberry Mix Chewy Candy Gummy : 

Ah! These UHA Candy Gummy has a great taste in mouth, with 4 different flavor in 1 pack. Strawberry Milk, Milk Candy, fizzy cool centers, and chocolate. I most like chocolate taste and Milk taste.

6. Tohato Sakura Zumu Strawberry Pretzel : 

Yes! I love this sakura zumu strawberry snack. The strawberry taste really feels in my mouth and I really love it!

7. Maruchan Gotsumori Sauce Yakisoba : 

One of all snack that I received, I got this ramyun in March box. And I already try this, This ramyun has a great taste and I love to eat them. But, a little I don't like is ramyun sauce taste, I can't breathe them too much. I don't know why, maybe I don't like black soy taste 

8. Natori Cheese Stick : 

Cheese is my favorite food, I can eat 4 piece in one bite. Haha.. And this cheese stick have a great taste, very delicious and I really love this.

9. Calbee Kataage Potato Black Pepper Flavor : 

Ehe! Black pepper that the something taste must have in my life, and this is so good to eat this snack. And I really recommended to you to buy and taste this snack.

10. Lotte Crunky Crunch Chocolate Bar : 

Chocolate? I think Everyone is really love chocolate and when I said about chocolate your saliva will out first. Haha.. Yes this Lotte Crunky chocolate really delicious and so tasty. I can't taste anymore, when I taste it I will eat all of them. And my mom will angry with me, why? Because, I don't give it to her. LOL 

11. Meiji Cotton Gamusoda : 

Ha! This Cotton Gamusoda, I can't say to you, this cotton very magic. When I bite a little, this only a cotton candy that will melt in my mouth. But, when I bite a little one again. It will become chewing gum. What the!! I really curious, I bite again and again. Yes I found so many chewing gum in this cotton candy. LOL! Really magic!! and this cotton candy taste is SODA! I really love this tastes.

12. Lotte Pokemon Gummy : 

Aiya!! Pokemon!!! When I saw it first, I can imagine this candy will be delicious and Yes! It's true, when I bite this candy, the candy really tasty and have fun taste. So many flavor on this pack, like : pineapple, peach and grape. So cool. And! I fight with my younger sister to eat them. OMO!!

13. Meiji Chocolate Cheese Cake Stick : 

The Last One is Cheese again! Aha!! Chocolate with cheese flavor is amazing and I really love to eat them, not to sweet and I'm very recommended to you guys.

Ok! This is my post about my Japanese snack that I got from Okashda. Please tell me what you love and what what you like  Don't forget to check Okashda website

*this is a sponsored gift and 10000% my honest review


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