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Hello Bloggers! Have a nice weekend for today! And I hope you're well in this day and have a great activities. Today I come with another giveaway + review to you, this post I'll mention very cute website there are from Kawaii Box. I believe that you already join the first give away from Japan Candy Box. Of  course, today with another box from Kawaii Box. Especially thanks to Mika for ask me to do this review and giveaway ^^.
I think all of you already know this wonderful website. Uh! The package arrived so safely in my house. Look above~ Cute right? :D


And Now I want to review their September 2016 kawaii box, as you can see below. So many wonderful and cute things, The September Box came with 11 (ten) different snacks you can get it only $19.80/ 1 month and you can receive 10-12 cute hand picked kawaii products.

*Aw, The package is too cute

You can see all stuff from their package, they have a eleven stuff on this September box. Let me introduce one by one for you ^^

1.]  Pokemon Ramune Candy

One of my favorite Candy is this Ramune, in this package I got pokemon candy in Cola flavor, not to sweet and sour. I love to eat them all.

2.] Rabi Dango Plush

Second Item is Plush, Omo! How cute it is, I love this plush so much. The fur is so softly. The gray colors is wonderful and I think this a rabbit character? haha..

3.] I love You Purse

Third Item is Purse, they came in purple colors and I love this design so much, very simple and cute. I bring it on my bag as keychain haha.. and have a some money inside this purse.

4.] Happy Day Notebook Set

Notebook is a important stuff for school, you can write it when you have grafitti or as a memo in your school. And this notebook have a cute design, with pen inside. I love them all, especially this design. Wonderful!

5.] Pastel Cupcake Pen

Lovely design and colors, I love this automatic pencil came in dot pastel design. How cute it is!

6.] Kracie Nyokinyoki Kororon DIY Candy Kit

This Candy swirl have a 3 flavors inside melon, soda and pineapple. You can build your own candy kits with this, I love this melon flavors so yummy!

7.] Invisible Secret Pen Set

Back to my childhood, haha.. This pen is very popular in school. Ups! Especially for mid test or test haha.. I know all of you have a cheat in test. This pen is very good to use when you want to cheat, just create a secret question in your table, when you write in your table. You can't see your handwriting. But, when you light up with this top pen you can see your handwritting! Very magic right? But, I don't want to see you cheat on your test. This is just EXPLANATION for you.

8.] Harajuku Hair Loop Set

This hair ties have a great pink and red color, I really love to ties my hair with this hair band, very elastic!

9.] Diamond Deco Stickers

This diamond stickers have a great shape, and the colors is amazing! I love to place this stickers in my phone. Very simple to do it!

10.] Dream and Explore Notebook

This notebook have a amazing design infront and I love to write something in this notebook, very useful and easily to bring it on my bag to school.

11.] Sweet Animals Sparkle Stickers

The last is this cute stickers, I love the sparkle inside the stickers, and I pressed on my refrigerator. How wonderful and cute are this! Love this so much!

Already see the item? Cute? You Want It! Saliva is already out? Really you WANT IT! Now we're doing a Giveaway Time! You can win the box from them too from Kawaii Box! Very Simple and You just need to Follow up and fill the RaffleCopter below. Don't worry this Giveaway is open Internationally so all of you can join this giveaway! What you see? Let's fill out now, We will choose one random winner to get this box ^^ Be sure to enter quickly, because the giveaway ends soon!

The Winner is ANNE


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