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Hello Guys, I'm back with my new blog post. It's been 4 months I didn't update my blog. The last post is on December. Oh noo!! Sorry guys. And today I'll share to you about my new themes. Yeayyy!!! Let's see below or you can see on my blog now, the details of my design. A simple and sweet formulation that I combination in one.

With sweet chocolate colors that I combined with a little pink, gray and black colors. For the best combination you would be combined with Italic words or something like handwriting fonts, you can get your best fonts at Google Fonts. Body fonts color must use a little gray or deep black colors.

Banner is up to you. But, I use a little like marble filters. You can combine with watercolors fill or sweet colors fill.

If you have a little bit confused what color must you combine in your blog website, here is some colors that I will share to you :


As you see above that's the colors are I pick for customized for your blog. First, we start from sidebar, It's Okay you got your sidebar in left or right side place. People always choose the sidebar with background in back to make the title look great. For minimal background for sidebar you can choose black background and white font colors or if you like white background and black font colors is up to you, you can styling what you want.

The second items is which colors will you choose for all body parts in blog. However, it's your title, body post color, I recommend to you to use a little light gray or if you like is dark gray with #9b9b9b code. It does make your blog looks like a little bit smooth and glossy combination.

And step three is your background, for background I must say the best colors for minimal theme is always white background for the finish clear.

Sweet Kawaii/Girly

OK! Let's see for Sweet Kawaii or Girly colors pick. For the first, also from sidebar I like to use pinky color from code #ffdede to complete the sidebar title background, the best combination is white font colors. Recommended to use.

Everyone always use navigation on top. For easily access to another pages. So, if you have this navigation bar, I recommended to you for use pink chocolate background for the bar with code #e8b1b1 and white fonts to complete the look.

Third step, is body font colors, if you want the colors look a little bit cool you can add this color code #686868. Or, if you like the soft color one you can add this code for your font body colors #dadada. 

As the best background I recommend to you to add white with code #fff or pink pastel colors with code #fff0eb this colors are the best colors that will make your website look soft and pastel.


And, the last colors are Ocean colors, like go to lake or sea. You can see the colors are so beautiful with blue and a little green from sea plants that grow at the base and don't forget a little blue white colors from clouds. Oh! It's so beautiful when you take a picture, hahaha. Want your website like that too? Simply, I will help you.

For the best sidebar you can add turquoise or people always said tosca colors with code #cdfff6, this like plants growing on your website. For completing your stone, you can add the font color in black.

Have Navigation bar? let's put the code #aae2ff to complete your dream sea website, and for the best font colors in front navigation bar are white color.

For body fonts, I recommend to you to add light gray to make the font colors look soft and mellow, the code that you can use is #aeaeae

Ok the last thing is the background, to close the material colors inside sea we will close it with background in blue with white color we can say it in gradient colors or if you like the white background it's OK, this would look like the sea behind white clouds shadow. Or, if you like to use pastel blue, placing that as background to close it as sea.

And yes, this is the three colors that I love to add in my website and you can try it now, if you have any problems just ask me below. I will help you solve your problem. And, I want to say, I opened to design your blog and for the price by PM me on email. I will help you all the problem.

And yeah! This my posts for today. Hope you enjoy to read them all and Please comment below if you have any questions or you have any idea for this, I would be happy to hear them all. Thank you!


  1. I missed you so much, darling! And the new theme is so lovely and perfect for Spring indeed. Excited for your new posts!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

    1. Miss you too Madame ^^ Haha~ Thank you so much!

  2. It's so adorable :D :D :D

    Would you like to follow each others blogs and G+? If yes then let me know by commenting on my blog

  3. It's so adorable :D :D :D

    Would you like to follow each others blogs and G+? If yes then let me know by commenting on my blog

  4. love the new theme! following back :)

    instagram: @ephemeralfox

  5. Woooow, I like it so much <3 Following your blog :) Kiss


  6. Great post dear

    Would you like follow each other? :)

  7. Amazing blog post and great photos.
    I am glad you enjoyed reading my recent post and thank you for the comments!!

  8. I love this theme! Your blog looks gorgeous!! Hope you are having a lovely day :)



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