April Favorite 2017 || Pick's

Hello, So many email from all of you that want me to share's my every month favorite items. Ah! Not to bad idea guys. I will do my best for you all my readers ^^. In April, maybe I don't have anything too shares with you. But at less I have my current favorite items in my life. Let's Started now!

The first favorite items is this drama, the drama calls "The Liar and His Lovers". I love the drama plots so much, this drama melt my heart with their present, Lee Hyun Woo and Joy (Red Velvet) I can't imagine this 2 people will works together. Ok! this drama is about Music, Joy is a singer and she lives with her grandma. She always wants become an artist. But, she too afraid sings in so many people and suddenly come boys that is Lee Hyun Woo is the composer of Group calls "Crude Play" and Joy fall in love with him in first impression. Yes! For the completed movie you can see now haha..
The second things are MCM Backpack! I'm waiting for a long time to buy this MCM backpack. And now! I got it~ I'm super excited with the brown color and studded in backpack side.

Third is Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, these products I get from YesStyle, and the products are very useful. I already use it for a week's,the result is very wonderful and now my lips getting a little pink back ^^ For the full review I will share to you for next posts :)

Fourth is Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, Yeah this product I bought from Laneige counter in Indonesia. I already used it for one week's, and amazing my skin turn become moist and not to dry, first impression used this product, I can feel the soft and good smell. Very cool when you put on your face ^^ For the full review, please stay tuned in next posts :D

I don't know why I'm fallen in love with this song of IU "Palette"? The songs are great. I love how she sang and how smooth the songs she makes ^^ Very recommend to you for listened this song, I'm not the big fans of IU, but this song makes me crazy!!

The lasts, are my new knit beanie, this beanie I purchases from Ebay. The materials are very smooth and I love to use it on my head, very warm when you wear it ^^. Thumbs up for this beanie.

Yes! this is all my favorite in April, only 6 items. But, hope you enjoyed my posts and keep comment below to shows your opinions, I really love to hear from your thought. See you on next posts ^^


  1. What a fabulous selection! Love it ❤️
    Have a great Wednesday sweetie!

  2. I love that backpack!
    Have a good day

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  4. Great post dear!
    I love this backpack! So lovely :)
    I'm following you. Thanks for comment! :)
    Have a nice day ^^


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  6. Nice post, great, follow you ♥!

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