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Hello, I just come back from my school vacation. And, today I want to review my haul from Banggood. Before that, please read about Banggood wishlist on my last posting here. Ok, I have been a while choose this haul and for the packaging and delivery are really great. And, when my gift arrived I already go to Korea for my school vacation. So, now I will let you know what I choose and what I ordered from Banggood.
For Banggood things at website are so great, I can't make my choice only for hour. But, I need more than 5 hours to choosing them. When you saw the items. You will say " OMG, This is so pretty~ OMG, these things are so cute~ and the last I only choose electronic items haha..

Ok, So let's start see what I choose and make sure you go to check them website and found you style and create you own style with them ^^.

Two Tone Moon Lamp USB Charging Luna LED Night

The packaging are so carefully and great.

with bubble wrap inside.

Ta-da the moon design are so unique

And this is the block for the moon standing in table

USB cable to charge the moon

This is the hole where you charge the USB and touch to turn on the lamp

Woopp!! The lamp is turned on and look the moon is so beautiful like original.

When you touch the button once again you can see the lamp changed into yellow colors, OMG! I fell in love with this beautiful effect.

Aipin DIY 3D Puzzle Stainless Steel

This a gold pirates ship in 3D version. And the box came like this, really great

You can look what style your choices in this yellow sticker ^^.

LED Football Light Xmas Mood Lamp Night

The last is this Football LED, The box are so cute.

You need 3 battery for turn on the football color.

They came with 7 LED colors. That's Green, White, Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow, and Pink.

Ok, That's all for my posting for today ^^ Hope you like them all. And, don't forget to comment on below. What items you want and which ones are great for you. Don't forget to check out Banggood website too for beautiful and stylish items!

See You, on my next post!


  1. OMG! Wonderful haul! Lovely items, like them so much!
    Great review dear!
    So nice photos.

    New post is on my blog! Hope you will visit me, Maleficent <3 *-*


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