Decorations for Christmas 2017

Hello guys, December is near. Are you already prepare for your Christmas decoration? For the Christmas decorations, you must prepare more special and look like Santa house, right? And for the budget you will think twice. How about you make your decorations by yourself? I will teach you how to create something different for your Christmas decorations for low budget. What you need for your home decorations for Christmas is only strings LED, you can make 4 things that will decorating your house become Santa house. Simple and don't waste too much time for decor. Guaranteed ! Your house become more wonderful and great to see.

What you need is :

Milk Bottle
For empty milk bottle or don't use anymore, can become a cute bottle glass for Christmas. Draw something use your marker. Or you can only make it simple, and take out you strings LED and created your own style by yourself. Or, if you want the glass looks more perfect and looks like galaxy milk bottle. You can add cotton that you are already coloring use food color. The colors you can add (blue, pink, green or blue, pink, yellow) or what you like and fill the cotton full on your bottle. And don't forget to add strings LED for the perfect results. For the samples :

Wine Bottle
If you like to drink alcohol or your family like to collections alcohol bottle/drink. Make sure you don't throw the bottle. The bottle can be used for your desk decoration, you can paint the bottle to white or you can only make it simple. After that, add some fake flowers and circle the LED strings in the fake flowers to make the flowers look brightly. For the sample like this :

Paper Cup
Paper Cup is the best items for decorations, you can use them for your lamp design on wall. When you have a party, don't throw this cup. You can select this cup back if the looks ok, and wash them back. And then, you will think this cup is so simple. Ok! Make sure you do something for this cup, like draw something in this cup or you can add something like fur in the mouth of the cup. After that, hole the back of the cup and put the string inside from the hole. Make sure the strings cannot get out of the hole, make sure you tie or make a small hole. For the last results like this sample:

Christmas Tree (Wall)

The last one is Christmas tree, the one you must have for your Christmas decorations, without this your Christmas is nothing. Make sure you have a long Strings and aluminium wire to make the tree stand on your wall. And stick the string and aluminium wire together use hot glue or tape. And, created your own tree ^^ For the samples :

What do you think? Are you already have your strings LED? If not, you can search it on Ebay, Amazon or Alibaba. And Let's do your own decorations for Christmas! Please share your thought below and I will be happy to read your comment ^^.

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