Review : Etude House Silk Scraf Moist Hair Mist

Hello Everyone! Today I want to show you my new Korean Brand that is Etude House. Oke, Most of you must be stress out when you got your damage hair (like : dry hair, dull hair, rough hair) right? Me too! So, come out from my mind to search about what is the best items, to use for damaged hair. And, I search on google and type for Korean Brand. Because, I'm type of people suitable to all Korean products, I don't know why haha. So, the most of Korean Product that I like is Etude House, because the packaging and design are so cute. So, I read from all beauties blogger that review about Etude House product the name call : Silk Scraf Moist Hair Mist are the good solution for your damaged hair. Hair Moisturizing mist for damaged hair. Treatment moisturizes and prevents damaged hair from hair heating devices. Specially formulated with oil and floral scent, spray for hair shine, nourish hair and nourish hair. So, I try this product for 1 week and I can feel my hair become more soft and smooth. Ok, Let's see about the product description below.

For the packaging simple, but cute, I really like the pink background with polkadot design. And they came in on bottle with spray design, and its content about 120ml.

Before that, sorry for the focus for my photos. Because, the color of words are so bright that is in white color. Etude also make the background in light pink with white font color, so it's will be very difficult to see it. Ok, and in back design you can see the product content : "Specially formulated with oil complex and floral scent, this weightless mist enhances shine and boosts hair's health, while providig vital nutrients." So as you can see the product content and the formula are so great for damaged hair. Below is the details about product content : Contains Baobab Tree extract
Glowing Oil:
- Camelia Oil: Cleans and enhances skin elasticity.
- Argan Oil: Moisturize.
- Sunflower Seed Oil: Controlling Oil.
- Macadamia Nut Oil: Anti-aging and softening.
Hair Perfume:
- The smell of durable fruit.
For the scent is so good, and very relax when your spray onto your hair.

Then, for the spray design is like this and texture is liquid and very quickly absorbed into the hair, the liquid color is white. When you use it, will not sticky to hair.

Find the expiry date in bottom of bottle

Oke, for the last result is so great. My hair scent is so fragrant, and very easy to be formed / regulated because the hair becomes soft and smooth. For this product you can get from Etude House Counter, Their website.

Ok, for the overall about this product is so great and I love to use it, expecially when I use hairdryer or hair heating, they are protecting my hair from heat and make my hair look shine and smooth. But, I also sometimes rampage myself with this bottle spray, because it is often jammed and leaked out when sprayed. Haha.. The rating is (4)

For Design, I really love it and I want to say, if can please change the word color in bottle from white to black (4,5)

Pros : My hair looks more shining and smooth, the scent is good with floral aroma, the packaging design are great, and the price is cheap that is $9.27

Cons : For the cons I think only the bottle spray always jammed.

Repurchase? I want to think first haha..

Ok, My post end here, what do you think about this product? Tell me about your thought and tell me what your favorite product from Etude House? See You in my next posting.



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