New Year Resolution in 2018 (For You and Me)

Hello Guys, Let me say to you "HAPPY NEW YEAR" May all your wished come true and be a great, healthy than 2017. Ok, for the best resolution in this 2018 I make. Let's see and following what we need to become successful.

1. Do What You Love, Do What You Like
All the things come out if you like to do it and you love to share for people your happiness, sadness and your life. What did you do before? And what you love to use for yourself. Try to share with other people and get positive and negative feedback from them and try to learn them slowly, change it! So, you can get another perfect things that you don't have.

2. Be Creative
Oke, the really needed for you and also for me. Creative is the IMPORTANT one for your life, many people try their own ideas to create something and become successful. Note it "Don't copy other people work, and write it back. That's really harsh and can make you look down/low". So, let's try to get some creative and do your own imagination.

3. Responsible/Commitment For Your Work
The third items that is the most important of your life "Responsible", Ok! Let me tell you that I don't really commitment for my work, that's for my blog update. I always update that like a month, or 2 month for 1 post only. So, I admit that's my wrong and from now on I will try to make a posting in a weeks.

4. Don't Wasted to Much Money
I know it's too hard, but you need to try this for your spending in the future. It's like you need to save some money, like if in a day you can waste $100 so try to save a little by a little like $20-$30 in a day. Or, try don't buy some no important stuff. Why don't you save it rather than you bought unimportant stuff.

5. Read More
You need to know more something that you don't know. So, try to search and read anything that will increase your information and insight. Search from the famous website and try to know them all. And, rethink, make the information that you read become more creative and nice to read.

6. Don't Wasted Your Time
Ok, like me you will ever experience boring time. So, the best things to overcome your boredom. Try to search something that you like to do or something that you haven't done like homework. Or, you can try to solve all the problems that you can't do in past, try practice again and again, don't give up easily.

And that's 6 Resolutions for 2018. Hope all of you can do your best hard-working and be a success in the future. I want to see your comment, please share what you do for your 2018 resolutions and have you done it from now? Yeah, this is my posting for today, hope you are enjoying to read them all. See you in my next posting.

Erika Seol


  1. Great post, dear.
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  6. Nice post :) I hope you fulfill all your 2018 plans!

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