[Review] W. Dressroom No. 97 April Cotton and No. 49 Peach Blossom

Hello my dear readers, today I want to share for you my very first clothes perfume. This is not a perfume, but more like cologne. As you can see above these products are from W.Dressroom, from the first I don't know about W.Dressroom products. Let's see about W.Dressroom brand below. Notice: This is a perfume for clothes not a body perfume!

W.DRESSROOM New York Perfume that Designer Mr. Choi Bum Suk Selects ! Explore W.DRESSROOM New York Dress & Living Clear Perfume scents and Home Fragrance with German Luxury undiluted solution. Stay W.DRESSROOM Diffuser in the air 2 -3 hours on your bathroom vanity (with Deodorization performance of Ammonia and proven Antimicrobial activity).

When I heard about this product, I try to search this product. OMG! These products have been used by Wanna One's members (Hwang Min Hyun and Kang Daniel) and BTS's members (V and Jongkook). So, I try to search on google and youtube about this product review. They give so much love for this products. And, I decide to buy it, I will review to you no. 97 April Cotton (Jongkook BTS choice) and no. 49 Peach Blossom (Hwang Minhyun Wanna One choice). Ready to see the review? Let's see below!

As you can see the packaging with different colors and number for every scent. And, I choose no. 97 and no. 49 and for the size is 70ml. They have size 150ml too. But, I will test with 70ml first.

Let's see no. 97 first. These products name April Cotton and have been used by Jongkook from BTS members. With pastel blue box color is so sweet and cute like the product name. For the price is $10.70 click here to get the product.

In the side of the box you can see the ingredients and the cautions.

And in other side will teach you, where you can spray this perfume such as living room, car, etc.

The bottle design is so cute and very small in 70ml so you can put this cologne in your bag. And this product have a W design on the top of bottle and with spray version. This bottle is made of plastic so it won't break easily when it falls.

On bottom of this bottle you can see the expired date.

As the information, this scents has a powdery scent? And this scent suitable for female and the intensity of this smell is standard not to strong and week. So, from my honest review. I try to spray this to my clothes. The scent is like a baby powder or baby oil scent. Hmm.. How I explain about this scent. Maybe, if you ever smelled a baby who had just finished bathing, the fragrance will like that, soft scent and not stinging. But, I will tell you this scent can't take a longer in your clothes. The scent will still on your clothes at less 4 hours, if you have activity in outside the scent will disappear on 3 hours.

Pros :
- The scent are so soft and have a baby scent
- For the price is very cheap
- With bottle plastic and so efficient to use it.

Cons :
- The scent nondurable in clothes

Recommend this product? YES!
Rating for this product? 4,5 from 5
Repurchase? No (maybe will try another scent)

Ok, next one is No. 49 scent and this name Peach Blossom. And, this have been used by Hwang MinHyun (Wanna One member). The box I got a bit different with April Cotton version. This box is old design version, you can see the expired date and the number on box. And this box color in peach color. So sweet and cute right? For the price is $10.70 and I found this items already empty stock maybe you will get in 150ml and you will get this product here

In other side will teach you where you can spray this perfume. Such as living room, car, etc.

In the side you can see the ingredients and the cautions.

with 70ml same with No. 97 and the peach color is so cute goshh.. All details same with No. 97. With plastic bottle design too ^^

As the information, this scent has a fruity scent wow? And this scent suitable for female and the intensity of this scent standard not to strong and week same with No. 97. So, My honest review about this scent. The scent really like peach scent, so creamy and sweet like real fruits. The smell not so strong when you spray it. But, I will tell you this scent can take a longer in your clothes. The scent will still on your clothes at less 6-7 hours, not like no. 97, if you have activity in outside the scent will disappear on 4-5 hours.

Pros :
- The scent is so creamy and sweet.
- For the price is very cheap
- With bottle plastic and so efficient to use it.

Cons :
- The scent will disappear 4-5 hours if you are in outdoors

Recommend this product? YES!
Rating for this product? 4,5 from 5
Repurchase? Yes

What do you think about this product? Do you want to try and to get your favorite scent? You can see in w.dressroom website for all the scent version and you can get this product from stylekorean.com. See you in my next posting ^^

*this is not a sponsored posts or ads post, all is my own opinions, my honest review and just want to share with you

Erika Seol


  1. I've never heard about it, but it looks good :))

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  3. Looks like a great product.
    I like reviews! :)


  4. Wow, did you do those flat lay photos yourself? They look great regardless! As well as the rest of the post, very informational. Thanks!

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  8. I never seen this product before, but it looks like very good! :) Maybe, i will try it!


  9. wonderful review dear, thanks for sharing, xo

  10. The products look good. :)


  11. I hadn't heard of these products before so thank you for sharing! The peach one sounds like it smells great! :)

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  16. The scents sound wonderful I love how the colour match the scent it is easy to identify Thanks for the review I would love to try it xoxo Cris

  17. Love the packaging so much! Since I am more into something soft, I would prefer the no.97 April Cotton which has powdery scent. It seems perfect for traveling as well <3
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  18. That is so interesting! I'd love to try them.


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